For best possible Calf Health and Growth

The best Start

For a new-born calf antibodies from Mothers milk is crucial for providing initial immunity against disease in the first few days of its life

Every calf is at risk of disease early in its life. Illness has less likelihood of occurring if there is effective provision of colostrum followed by best farm practice during its upbringing.

An optimum supply of vitamins, trace elements and probiotics is essential to continue the level of immune protection gained from colostrum.

Selenium , Vitamin E & C along with Copper, Zinc, and Manganese are all important contributors to boosting immune response.The antioxidant effect they have supports the immune system and if a calf becomes ill, they aid in its ability to fight off disease and improve recovery.

AgriSea Animal Nutrition offers a natural and complex balance of these key elements along with additional compounds in a safe and cost effective form that is compatible with all milk forms from day one.

Research has shown that using AgriSea Animal nutrition as recommended will reduce the likelihood of scours and improve weight gain in young calves.

AgriSea has a continuing commitment to bringing you cost effective nutrition solutions and is conducting ongoing research in partnership with Lincoln University to improve better  animal health outcomes.

AgriSea Calf Programme

Calf club provides kids with the best start in dairying and we’re a keen supporter of them learning about what it takes to raise healthy animals. Along with our animal nutrition health tonic the AgriSea Calf Programme provides them with all they need to give their animals the best start in life.

  • 20 ml per calf on arrival at the shed
  • 5ml per calf per day in Calfateria
  • Product required per calf: 440ml for 12 weeks
  • Cost: $5 (Based on 100L container price)
  • Cost effective and safe:Calves love it
  • Ready to administer-no mixing required
  • Will not curdle colostrum or milk
  • No Chemicals or residues
  • No withholding period
  • No sweeteners required-calves love it.