Manufactured from a sustainable NZ resource this product is hand brewed in small batches over 90 days. A mixture of herbs is added to provide a balanced ‘tonic’ for the benefit of soil dwelling organisms, as well as the root systems. Plants do not live by NPK alone –micronutrients are essential for plant growth and development. Seaweed, being a rich source of available micronutrients, supplements and compliments NPK. AgriSea Soil Conditioner is excellent at helping to release nutrients previously unavailable for plant use.

It is also a very good compost starter and activator. “Turf grass trials conducted at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute found that seaweed applications to the soil increased root mass from 67% to 175% when compared to the untreated plots”.

AgriSea Soil Conditioner:

  • increases soil micro-biological activity – more worms and microbes to manufacture humus for soil health
  • soil health improves progress with each application
  • no harmful residues = no withholding period after application
  • improved palatability – “stock will clean paddocks up”
  • releases locked-up minerals and nutrients
  • promotes healthy root mass development and therefore increases the density of pasture
  • greater root mass provides additional protection in times of drought
  • ideal as a compost starter and/or activator because its primary
  • function is to feed biological life.

Reference (1) Dane Hobbs, USA, – Masters Degree in Agriculture

Directions for use:

One application of 5L per hectare in Spring and Autumn. More often if converting to organic.
Dilution: 1:20
Application: 5L/hec

June and September
Dilution: 1:50
Application: 5L/hec

Market Gardening
At planting and every 2–3 weeks prior to harvest.
Dilution: 1:50
Application: 5L/hec

At planting and every 2–3 weeks
Dilution: 1:50

Overnight before planting
Dilution: 1:200
Application: Soaking or drenching

When required
Dilution: 1:100
Application: 1L/100m2

Typical Analysis: AgriSea Seaweed (NZ species Ecklonia Radiata)

Minerals and Trace Elements

  • Boron 3.7 ppm
  • Calcium 80 ppm
  • Magnesium 70ppm
  • Manganese 0.58ppm
  • Cobalt 12ppm
  • Copper 26ppm
  • Iodine 108 ppm
  • Nitrogen 0.04ppm
  • Iron 6ppm
  • Phosphorous 35ppm
  • Potassium 98ppm
  • Selenium 0.09 ppm
  • Sodium 350 ppm
  • Sulphur as Sulphate 175ppm
  • Zinc 31ppm
  • Alginates 625 gm/kg


  • Vitamin A; B1; B2; B3; B5; C; E; Carotene; Choline: Pantoene
  • Amino Acids
  • Aspartate 5.171
  • Glutamate 0.747
  • Asparagine 1.141
  • Glutamine 0.733
  • Serine 0.621
  • Histidine 0.548
  • Phenylalanine 0.717
  • Proline 0.683
  • Alanine 3.974
  • Arganine 0.583

* NB Ecklonia Radiata contains 20 of the known 21 amino acids however,  it is the vast range of complex elements contained in Seaweed that is the value – not the measure of individual constituents.