Animal Nutrition – DRYSTOCK



  • Lambing: Drench 12-15mls of AHT, then every 4-6 weeks for winter contracts and store lamb fattening.
  • Ewes pre-tup drench 20ml to promote body conditions score
  • Rams pre-tup Drench 50mls
  • Important source of Iodine for fertility in AHT




  • Rising 1 year ol weaning drench 70mls (based on 220-300kg)
  • Cows Weaning Drench 80mls
  • March to August, fattening cattle drench 50-100mls, every 4-6 weeks to help with weight gain, rumen function and pasture utilisation.

Animal Nutrition – DAIRY

Agrisea Animal Nutrition is an easy to apply mineral supplement for Autumn Calving

Adding AgriSea animal nutrition will:

  • Bolster the immune system to fight infections like rotavirus and coccidiosis
  • Improve the use of Nutrients – FOR GROWTH
  • Aids in formation of red blood cells
  • Increase weight gain by 50%* (*compared to control group in Wintec study)

Recommended Dose Rates

  • 20ml on arrival at shed, then 5ml/calf/day
  • Costs $4.05 ex GST per calf for a 12 week programme based on 200L drum

Drying Off

This can be a stressful time for your animals – the AgriSea team are aware of the effects of blanket dry cow therapy and the move for reduced antibiotic use to be law by 2022 in Europe. Prevention is key, to increase resistance and recovery during times of stress.

While issues can arise from environmental conditions such as shed hygiene, it is hugely important to ensure your herd has robust immune systems and adequate nutrition to get through this stressful period.

Recommended Dose Rates

Increase your 5ml/cow/day maintenance dose to 10ml/cow/day leading up to drying off or talk to one of our team for a tailored programme. 

Facial Eczema

While the dry weather has helped spore counts so far – the recent heavy dews and the expectant autumn rains combined with high temperatures will be a risk for Facial Eczema.

NOW is the time to make sure your herd are getting plenty of Animal Nutrition to prevent and combat any facial eczema issues which will have long-lasting effects.

Research conducted by Cognosco showed animals receiving Agrisea Animal Nutrition had deceased signs

of liver damage compared to the control – this is a vital statistic in facial eczema treatments and prevention.

Animals with severe liver damage will not carry pregnancy well – especially ewes with twins.

We recommend a 20ml drench 4 weeks before lambing with ewes and 50mls with Dairy cows and beefs – then keep the product going through the toughs.