Our team of Applicators are highly trained and experienced in helping you apply AgriSea products on your farm or orchard.
Sally Adams

Sally Adams

Sal’s Spray & Spread

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Hi I’m Sal. I’m one of the AgriSea Applicators servicing the Rangiora area between Amberley and the South Bridge.  I apply AgriSea products using a quad bike and either a 200 Litre sprayer or inex spreader on paddocks ranging from 2 to 8 hectares in size.

After using the AgriSea products for myself and seeing amazing results on my own paddocks and stock I put my hand up to be a Applicators for the team at AgriSea.  

Nikita Ozols

Rangitata River to Waitaki River
Oak Tree Services

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Shane Rush

Central Waikato/ Coromandel Area
Shane Rush

[email protected] 

I’ve been involved in organic and regenerative agriculture for the past 10 years. My wife Nicki and I bought our 2.5 ha block 5 years ago and have set about turning it into a productive home block with extensive vegetable gardens, food forests and using holistic grazing systems to manage our stock. Nicki and I run regular workshops to help others get more out of their land. One of the most critical aspects of any property, where the goal is to grow healthy nutrient dense food for the people and the animals, is the soil. That’s why we use the full range of Agrisea products on our block. We know that if we are looking after the microbial workforce in the soil that they in turn will look after us. 

I can help you get an appropriate fertiliser programme underway for your block and apply the product as well. Give me a call on 0274805586 for a consultation and application rates.

Matt Bulled


Colin Wright

Woodja Contracting

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Mike & Desiree Avey

New Plymouth

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