Our team of Applicators are highly trained and experienced in helping you apply AgriSea products on your farm or orchard.

Tim Fahey

North Auckland
Sally Adams

Sally Adams

Sal’s Spray & Spread

[email protected]

Hi I’m Sal. I’m one of the AgriSea Applicators servicing the Rangiora area between Amberley and the South Bridge.  I apply AgriSea products using a quad bike and either a 200 Litre sprayer or inex spreader on paddocks ranging from 2 to 8 hectares in size.

After using the AgriSea products for myself and seeing amazing results on my own paddocks and stock I put my hand up to be a Applicators for the team at AgriSea.  

Nikita Ozols

Rangitata River to Waitaki River
Oak Tree Services

[email protected]

Matt Bulled


Colin Wright

Woodja Contracting

[email protected]

Mike & Desiree Avey

New Plymouth

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