AgriSea has long understood the benefits in measuring and recording the physical and biological performance of your soil alongside the chemical – or fertility fraction.

Compaction, short roots systems, presence of pests and diseases are all indicators your soil is not functioning to the best of its ability.

Using the visual soil technique developed by Graeme Shepherd, AgriSea has tracked improvements on hundreds of farms across NZ over the past 10-15 years. This method is scientifically proven, measurable and hugely valuable to NZ farmers and growers.

AgriSea field staff are all trained by Graeme Shepherd and have adapted these techniques to provide an in-depth measurement tool to record the benefits on farm using AgriSea products over time. AgriSea prides themselves in partnering with NZ farmers long term.

Nutrient Management Plans and Environmental Compliance

Proposed changes by regional councils will affect most farms going forward. These changes aim to set standards for nitrogen leaching, phosphorous runoff and other contaminant loads into our environment.

To meet the proposed standards farmers may need to produce Farm Environment Plans (FEP), Nutrient Management Plans or Sustainable Milk Plans ® these aim to detect and reduce the loss of nutrients from your farm system.

AgriSea has a number of staff who are qualified in the use of OVERSEER ® and Sustainable Nutrient Management, we can help you future proof your farm.

AgriSea has developed a well-researched Transition Plan to help farmers reduce their nutrient losses while maintaining production. Talk to one of our team about our Transition Program.