AgriSea Animal Health Nutrition is made up from the New Zealand native seaweed species (Ecklonia Radiata), and herbs which contains a complex range of bio-available minerals and nutrients to support Animal Health. Use AgriSea Animal Health Tonic as a nutritional supplement to maintain general health and as a nutritional boost during periods of stress.

AgriSea Animal Health Tonic has produced some exceptional results after being administered to stressed animals.

Directions for use:


Aids with weight gain under difficult fattening conditions; promotes wool quality and all round health. For a nutritional boost: Drench 20mls when sheep are in yards.

Relationship between Diet and Disease

“There is a close relationship between diet and susceptibility of disease.
Disease resulting from dietary deficiencies may be classified into two main groups:
Group 1 Includes those diseases caused directly by the lack of certain dietary essentials.
Group 2 Includes those diseases which are indirectly the result of the lowered resistance to bacterial infections, toxins and poisons caused by malnutrition, such as respiratory infections, toxic paralysis and general infectious diseases and toxemias.”
HA Vernon, Diseases in Sheep

Sheep farmers are often at a loss to explain why their sheep do not thrive when on apparently luscious and nutritious pastures.

The nutritive value of the pasture is not the bulk of food available but the nutrients and life promoting elements that are in the soil and pasture.
Degrees of deficiencies in the diet give rise to degrees of malnutrition, such as :
* decreased appetite
* lowered vitality
* gradual loss of weight or failure to put on weight
* reduced fertility
* lethargy
* rough dry and often tender or brittle wool
* and in the young, slow rate of growth

Animal Nutrition

• Immediate energy boost
• Recovery from conditions related to nutritional deficiency
• Ease of dispensing – drench, water supply
• Weight gain under difficult fattening conditions

For health maintenance excellent wool quality and all round health
For a nutritional boost drench 20mls per sheep when they are in the yards.
*it’s easy
*it’s practical
*it’s affordable

Soil Nutrition

• An increase in root mass and root length – reducing impacts of drought and accelerating the uptake of nutrients
• An increase in soil biology populationand diversity
• Thicker pasture sward because of the increased root mass
• More fibre and mineral content in feed

Directions for use:
Apply 2 x per year @ 5L per ha in Spring and Autumn.
Apply with quad bike ground-based boom, tractor or helicopter.

Pasture Nutrition

• A lift in nutritional value of feed fresh or stored
• Grass a deeper green colour (due to increased chlorophyll)
• Nutrients translocate within 1 hour (when applied in ideal growing conditions)
• Even grazing across paddock due to improved palatability.
• More fibre & mineral content in feed

Directions for use:
For best results – apply at 5L per ha in spring and autumn at the beginning of a growth flush, during periods of feed stress and when paddocks are shut up for hay.
Minerals and Trace Elements