Yield increases of up to 1000 trays/ha have been reported using the programme above by season two/three. Benefits equally apparent in organic and conventional orchards.

AgriSea had a three year research programme commissioned to test the efficacy of their NZ native seaweed products for kiwifruit. Strong trends emerged showing less cane blowouts, reduction in pitting following cool storage, improved fruit firmness, significantly higher brix levels…. ask for a copy of our research.

An experienced NZ grower reports:
“We have used Agrisea Soil & Foliar Nutrition for the last 10 years on our Kiwifruit and are very pleased with the health of the plants along with the microbial activity in the soil. We believe Agrisea Foliar Nutrition assists with frost protection. We are happy to speak to anyone who would like information about Agrisea Soil/Foliar Nutrition.” Judy & Rob Stott, Chinook Valley, Paengaroa NZ


1st application –
7 to 10 days prior to flowering (this will aid flower and pollen development).

2nd application –
Mid blossom or immediately post blossom.

3rd application –
14 days post blossom or in conjunction with leaf roller spray.

Apply AgriSea Soil Nutrition to the weed strip soon after harvest to aid root mass/length and soil biological population. Rate – 5L / ha.

Cost of programme per hectare
3 applications of Foliar Nutrition @ $46.12 per ha =$138.36
1 application of Soil Nutrition @ $46.12 per ha = $46.12

Total cost per ha for full programme
= $184.48 per ha (based on 200L drum prices

Free delivery for 100L size and above, Nationwide
20L = $220    100L = $920    200L = $1665    1000L = $6277
Please add GST to all these prices