Seaweed is one of the most complex materials known to man and contains a vast range of minerals, trace elements, mannitols, alginates, amino acids naturally occurring antibodies and plant growth hormones that provide a nutrient ‘feast’ for fruit trees and vines.

A fertile and productive soil is a biologically active soil in which large microbial populations flourish, building the precious humus layer which is the nutrient storehouse of the soil that aids disease protection and moisture retention.

AgriSea Soil Nutrition feeds & increases the soil microbial population, while promoting the development of a strong and healthy root system. AgriSea Foliar Nutrition provides nutrients directly to the vine in a form that is readily absorbed.

Experienced New Zealand growers report:
“AJ’s Orchard has been using AgriSea Soil Conditioner and Foliar spray for the past five years and have been very happy with the health of the plants and quality of the fruit.” Wayne & Kathryn Brown, AJ’s Orchard, Maungtapere, NZ

“Over the last 2 years we have been using the AgriSea Soil Nutrition and the results have been absolutely fantastic.” Anne & Ian Storey, Imago Organic Orchard, Levin, NZ

“I have been using AgriSea Soil Conditioner and Foliar spray for three years and have noticed a great difference in soil biology and healthier plants.” Judy & Rob Stott, Chinook Valley, Paengaroa NZ


Apply AgriSea Soil Nutrition @ 1:50 dilution 5L per ha in May and August.

Apply AgirSea Foliar Nutrition @ 1:100 dilution, 5L per ha approx. one week prior to flowering and at 14 day intervals in conjunction with other spray applications (compatible with most sprays, but not copper)

Free delivery for 100L size and above, Nationwide, NZ
20L = $220     100L = $920     200L = $1665     1000L = $6277
Please add GST to all these prices.


  • Longer storage possible
  • Higher brix – sweeter taste
  • Aids in prevention of leaf borne disease
  • Better colour in leaf and fruit