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Through our research, we hope to empower kaimahi pāmu (farmers) to farm in ways that continue to grow the mana and mauri of soil. As we learn more through our research, we will share the research findings and practical tools that you can use on your farm.

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AgriSea Case Study

Visual Soil Assessment

Visual Soil Assessments (VSAs) are an important tool in your kete for identifying the current state of your soil and tracking how you are enhancing the mana and mauri of soil over time. Manaaki Whenua has some excellent resources available on how to conduct Visual Soil Assessments.

The VSA Field Guide contains all the information necessary to carry out VSA on your land. The Field Guide is self-explanatory and its use does not require special training or technical skills.

Social science interviews have captured farmers’ attitudes towards their soil. This resource shows what has been captured.

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