For rich, nutrient dense pasture which increases productivity and quality.


SOMETIMES QUALITY IS BETTER THAN QUANTITY and that is certainly true for your farm’s pasture.


While pasture quantity is important for stocking rates and feed, it is the pasture quality that has significant positive impacts on animal health, production and profitability.

When you need to deliver an instant nutrient lift to your pasture, AgriSea Pasture Health is an incredibly efficient way to do so. You’ll significantly improve the quality of your pasture crops and stored feed.

How does it work?

Applying AgriSea Pasture Health direct to the leaf increases chlorophyll levels delivering greener, healthier pastures and crops, you’ll also experience a considerable lift in the fibre, protein and overall nutritional value. The best part is the improved health of your stock due to having access to grass that is so high in nutritional value!

Other benefits of AGRISEA PASTURE NUTRITION include: 

  • Increased palatability in pasture and stored feed
  • Increased DM yields
  • Increased brix (natural sugar) levels in pasture
  • Increased natural nitrogen fixation
  • Pasture more vigorous and durable in times of stress
  • Increased pasture resistance to disease and pests
  • Increased ME (Metabolisable Energy)
  • Nutritional lift for herd in periods of low light – spray ahead of cows in winter
  • No chemical additives; no residues; no withholding
It’s easy to use, safe and non-toxic. Simply spray or spread (by boom, rosette or chopper). It’s compatible for use with other products and due to the fine filtration, you won’t end up with clogged lines or spray nozzles.


  • AgriSea Combo+ 20kg

    AgriSea Combo +

  • Pasture Nutrition



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