Your Farm or Orchard is a complex system that requires nutrition to produce the best results. AgriSea works with your biology for better production.


The AgriSea System works with your farm or orchard’s entire ecosystem to improve the outcomes for soil, pasture, plant and animal health.


Since the 1950’s, farming and growing practices have focused on soil chemistry to balance the ‘soil test’ – high input, synthetic compounds and fertilisers – to increase production and yields. While the initial results were good, we are increasingly aware of the long-term effects these practices have on the quality of our soil, our productive land, te Taiao (our environment) and our waterways.

Healthy soil is the basis of life and sustainable agriculture and horticulture, as it is the necessary foundation for healthy plants and animals.

AgriSea Soil and Plant biostimulants work with the soil biology in an area around plant roots known as the rhizosphere (from the Greek rhiza meaning ‘root’).

Here, soil-dwelling bacteria and fungi produce enzymes that release minerals held in soil colloids and organic matter, then deliver them to plants through the root hairs. In return, plants provide microbes with energy produced by photosynthesis and delivered via root exudates.

It is a natural exchange that keeps the life of the soil flourishing, builds soil structure and boosts disease resistance in plants.

But it won’t happen if misuse of synthetic fertiliser puts soil microbes and fungi out of a job.

Biostimulant means ‘stimulate biology’. Using a biostimulant will increase the amount of exudates coming out of plant roots and therefore stimulate the fungal energy channel in soil.

If we use fertiliser excessively, it reduces the need for fungal association with plants. This then impacts on the physical characteristics of soil performance; disrupting the water and gas cycles.

Your fertiliser management will be important, and your grazing management will be important to optimise photosynthesis. So talk to our consultants about your unique farming business and how you can incorporate the AgriSea system to help build life back into your soil.

To cut fertiliser inputs, grow healthy topsoil and boost a pasture’s resistance to pests and diseases, let AgriSea support the natural pathways between plants and soil.
Incorporating AgriSea’s System of biostimulants into your farm or orchard helps release locked up nutrients already in the soil, reducing pest and disease damage and reliance on additional fertilisers.

Plants can get all the nitrogen they need by supporting nitrogen fixing bacteria. When we use high analysis fertilisers, we’ve just eliminated all that natural nitrogen that comes to the plant for free, and as a farmer you have to keep applying N by taking away the plant’s ability to do it themselves.

Dr Christine Jones


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