Your Farm or Orchard is a complex system that requires nutrition to produce the best results. AgriSea works with your biology for better production.


The AgriSea System works with your farm or orchards entire ecosystem to improve the outcomes for soil, pasture, plant and animal health.


Since the 1950’s, farming and growing practices have focused on the soil chemistry to balance the ‘soil test’ – high input, synthetic compounds and fertilisers – to increase production and yields. While the initial results were good, we are now increasingly aware of the long-term effects these practices have on the quality of our farms, our farm products, our orchards, our orchards products, our land and waterways.

Healthy soil is the basis for agriculture and horticulture and the necessary foundation for healthy plants and healthy animals. Whilst the right mix of compounds and chemicals are important, we have not paid enough attention to soil biology, or soil life.

AgriSea Soil and Plant biostimulants work with the soil biology by providing a balanced and more complete food source for beneficial soil biology or soil microorganisms.

Soil microorganisms are responsible for creating symbiotic relationships between plant roots, soil nutrients, soil structure and water. Without these relationships, plants miss out on the nutrients provided by the soils microorganism community, resulting in soil in which nutrients are locked up and not available to plants. This can lead to increased pest and disease damage, increased fertiliser requirements and decreased resilience to environmental conditions such as drought.

In short, without a healthy soil biology, a farm or orchards requirement for nutrients and trace elements increases, hence in the past we have continued to pour on more and more fertiliser. With healthy soil biology, your farm or orchard’s requirement for additional fertiliser will decrease whilst providing the opportunity for increased, healthier plant growth and symbiotic relationships. With farm and orchard inputs increasingly under the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons, AgriSea’s System gives farmers the opportunity to dramatically reduce their fertiliser inputs, grow the same amount or more plants and drastically improve environmental outcomes and farm smarter.

Soil is a teaming, living ecosystem containing billions of unseen microbes that require the right balance of nutrients in order to do their job. AgriSea products are a nutrient super-food for these microbes.

They are full of minerals, vitamins, growth promotants, trace elements and amino acids that feed your soil biology. This enables your soil to release locked up nutrients, allowing plants and pasture to use nutrients already in the soil, reducing pest and disease damage and reducing your reliance on additional fertilisers.

Incorporating AgriSea’s System of biostimulants into your farm or orchard management system will give you the confidence to grow quality pastures and products and, in turn, quality profits.

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