Your Soil and Plants are a teeming ecosystem of microbes and enzymes that need nutrition to do their jobs. AgriSea provides that nutrition.


Why biostimulants help the soil ecosystem.


Over many years soils on farms and orchards have become depleted as their pastures are grazed, plants are cropped, fertilisers are applied and changes in the environment and weather have taken their toll. When high analysis fertilisers, (N, P, K, S) were first applied, many soils had a healthy soil biology and the results of these fertiliser additions to the soil were impressive. However as time went on, the result declined and the industry mantra was to simply apply more fertiliser.

We are now facing the consequences of the “more is better” mantra. Simply increasing the amount of fertiliser applied to soil has meant that the natural ecosystems within the soil biology have shut down, locking up nutrients, drying out soil and reducing the return or growth of pastures and plants.

Biostimulants enhance nutrient assimilation and plant development by providing the soil’s ecosystem of microorganisms (or soil “Life”) with a complex source of nutrition to enable them to create the necessary relationships between plant roots, soil nutrients, soil structure and water. This in turn frees up locked nutrients the plant needs to grow, such as Nitrogen and Phosphate, which then become plant bioavailable. Making these nutrients bioavailable to the plants means they can use what is already in the soil and less commercial fertiliser is needed to achieve the same result.

The overall impact is that the soil begins to regenerate itself becoming a teeming, living ecosystem that thrives with a significantly reduced need for additional fertiliser. Pastures and plants are lush, healthy and full of nutrition for products and animals.

Regenerating your pasture and your farm takes time but the results are proven and they are worth it.

Soil is a teaming, living ecosystem of billions of unseen microbes that require the right balance of nutrients in order to do their job. AgriSea products are a nutrient super-food for these microbes.

They are full of minerals, vitamins, growth promotants, trace elements and amino acids that feed your soil biology. This enables your soil to release locked up nutrients, allowing plants to use nutrients already in the soil, reducing pest and disease damage and reducing your reliance on additional fertilisers.

Incorporating AgriSea’s System of biostimulants into your farm or orchard management system will give you the confidence to grow quality pastures and products and, in turn, quality profits.

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