Brewing quality seaweed products since 1996 AgriSea NZ Ltd is a multi-award winning sustainable New Zealand company, family owned and operated.

Agrisea directors Jill Bradley and her husband Keith Atwood had a life changing experience in the 1990’s when they discovered the value of seaweed one hot, wet, fungal summer.

“We were visiting farms across the country during the holidays and most were having problems with issues such as botrytis and facial eczema on cattle but one farm was not having trouble,” said Jill.

This property was exceptional with no health problems with soil, plants, pasture or animals and their major farm input was seaweed.

Personally committed to investigating the value of seaweed, Jill and Keith started researching and brewing seaweed soil and foliar products and in time AgriSea was born.

“We researched seaweed internationally to discover who uses it, what it is good for and how it was used. The brown variety was the one widely used in agriculture and horticulture.”

The couple trialed different New Zealand brown seaweed species until they identified the premium one to use.

“Keith brewed and I grew – only then did we begin to learn the real value of seaweed,” says Jill.

“Seaweed contains minerals, vitamins, growth promotants, trace elements and amino acids – it is a nutrient ‘feast’, a smorgasbord for soil biology, plant and animal health.”

Jill says the ‘secret’ to seaweed was and still is simply – high nutrition.

AgriSea produced liquid seaweed concentrates for soil, foliar/pasture and animal health initially but developed new products such as seaweed salt blocks, seaweed pellets, bee nutrition, and a powdered form of seaweed in response to market demand. AgriSea have a reputation for listening to farmers’ needs.

AgriSea is used across a vast range of horticulture and agriculture sectors including Kiwifruit and avocado growers, orchardists, vineyard owners, dairy and sheep & beef farmers. The animal health nutrition contains a complex range of bio-available minerals and nutrients that support and maintain animal health.

Research has been an important focus for AgriSea and the company is now managed by Tane Bradley, who continues to extend development and research for new products. The bee industry is a fast-growing new sector for AgriSea and the bee products are proving highly successful. Tane has initiated research to support NZ beekeepers.

With a nationwide team of 15 experts on the road and 13 in house we are sure to meet your growing and nutrition needs.