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The Agrisea Team helps you throughout the entire process. From planning and the transitioning phase through to regeneration, we work to provide consultants, farmers and growers with a complete biological and sustainable system for their farm or orchard for healthy animals, plants and to increase profits.

Farm/Orchard Transitioning

Changing your farm or orchard nutrition system takes time. Making the decision to use AgriSea Biostimulant Nutrition solutions as part of your nutrition system has benefits well beyond the bottom line of your farm or orchard.

Transtitioning your farm or orchard and incorporating the AgriSea range of products is a process that needs to be managed to ensure your farm or orchard maintains and improves production over the long term.

Making the decision to change your nutrution system does not mean that you need to suddenly go ‘cold turkey’ from your old system. In fact we recommend that managing your farm or orchards transition to AgriSea products is managed over a period of one to three years.

At the end of the day it is all about your goals. If your goal is to go organic, then we can create a transition plan to suit your farm or orchard. If your goal is to simply reduce your inputs of N, P, K, S etc then we can help ensure you maximise the benefits across your business. If your goal is to grow more produce, milk or meat then we also have a plan for that.

Whatever your reason for wanting to transition your farm or orchard to AgriSea Biostimulant solutions our team of highly trained industry experts are here to help.

Farm/Orchard Regeneration

Farm Regeneration is the process of reducing your reliance on chemical nutrients N, P, K, S, over time to restore your soil and plant biology. This enables it to do its job, releasing locked up nutrients, in the natural way nature intended.

The AgriSea System of products has been developed to provide farmers and growers with a complete biological and sustainable system for their farm.

Our products can work within your current system whether you are providing nutrients in a conventional manner, biological manner or you have gone for complete organic farming. Our products are certified organic, yet 98% of our farmers are non-organic. HOW TO REDUCE NITROGEN

Testing and Analysis

AgriSea has long understood the benefits in measuring and recording the physical and biological performance of your soil alongside the chemical – or fertility fraction.

Compaction, short roots systems, presence of pests and diseases are all indicators your soil is not functioning to the best of its ability.

Using the visual soil technique developed by Graeme Shepherd, AgriSea has tracked improvements on hundreds of farms across NZ over the past 10-15 years. This method is scientifically proven, measurable and hugely valuable to NZ farmers and growers.

AgriSea Area Field Consultants are all trained by Graeme Shepherd and have adapted these techniques to provide an in-depth measurement tool to record the benefits on farm, using AgriSea products over time. AgriSea prides itself in partnering with NZ farmers over the long term.

Seasonal Information

At different times of the year your plants need different nutrients to ensure they maximise their growth. AgriSea has seasonal information available to help you.

Nutrient Budgeting

Knowing the benefits and impact of your nutrient applications is critical to the success of your business.
– Nutrient loss from farming and horticultural practices do affect:
– Soil and water quality
– Social perception of land management
– Land owner’s financial efficiency with wasted inputs

Partners & Supporters

AgriSea products are produced to fit your preferred farm or orchard nutrition system.

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