Apiculture Solutions

Apiculture Solutions

AgriSea Bee Nutrition provides key nutrition to support healthy hives year round.
The honey bee requires proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and minerals in their diet to survive and thrive. Nutrient deficiencies from increased demand on natural floral resources impacts the bees ability to carry out its individual role in the hive-reducing overall health and productivity.

AgriSea Bee Nutrition supplies all ten essential amino acids and a range of trace elements and minerals bees require to grow and reproduce. Eight other non-essential amino acids offers additional nutrients which stressed hives can no longer self produce. The complex balance of Vitamins B and C ( B2, B3, B5, B9, B12) in AgriSea Bee Nutrition are essential for brood rearing.

AgriSea Bee Nutrition also provides carbohydrates which bees require for energy, as well as lipids for hormone development.

Agrisea Range Of BioStimulant Nutrition Products For The Dairy Farming Industry

AgriSea is committed to scientific research to provide beekeepers with the information they need and key product insights. AgriSea Bee Nutrition has been shown to significantly increase brood productivity in spring and reduce the prevelance of Nosema sp. after the winter/spring season.

Bee Nutrition

AgriSea Bee Nutrition has been developed for beekeepers to easily administer to hives as a liquid which they can mix in with their regular feed regime.


Why AgriSea works?

Incorporating AgriSea’s System of biostimulants into your farm or orchard management system will give you the confidence to grow quality pastures and products and, in turn, quality profits.

How AgriSea Works?

The AgriSea System works with your farm or orchard’s entire ecosystem to improve the outcomes for soil, pasture, plant and animal health.

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AgriSea products are produced to fit your preferred farm or orchard nutrition system.

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