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Science and innovation have always played a big role in our growth as a company. For over 25 years AgriSea has developed products that are scientifically proven to assist farmers and growers in producing better outputs for more profitable businesses whilst also helping to improve their environmental footprint.

Our Projects

Nanocellulose Hydrogel

Nanocellulose is a high value material with tensile strength stronger than steel and a co efficient of expansion less than glass making it a very high performance material in many applications.

Hauraki Bioremediation Project

Bioremediation of point source discharges is an established concept overseas both at research and commercial scales. However, this facility will be the first diffuse source seaweed bioremediation facility in New Zealand, and potentially globally as well with international commercial facilities based on point source effluents (e.g. aquaculture farm discharge outlets).

Rere Ki Uta, Rere Ki Tai

Rere Ki Uta, Rere Ki Tai is a collaborative research project that aims to build more resilient, profitable and healthy farms for our whenua and te taiao (land and environment), whānau (families) and farming communities across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Alternate Proteins

It is far from a staple on most Kiwi dinner tables, but AgResearch scientists are aiming to unlock the potential of seaweed as a go-to food with proven health benefits. And they have enlisted the services a of a world-class chef to help them do it.

Partners & Supporters

AgriSea products are produced to fit your preferred farm or orchard nutrition system.

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