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About Us

Consumers around the world are demanding for their food to be produced in a sustainable manner, grown with fewer chemical inputs, are traceable, ethical and transparent. Combined with the pressure to feed more mouths, this is a big ask for any farmer or grower to deliver on and still remain profitable.

Biostimulants are a fast growing solution that addresses both economic and environmental concerns whilst producing top quality, high value, products. AgriSea New Zealand is an award winning, family owned seaweed company at the forefront of the biostimulant industry in NZ – we are the single biggest investor in research for the sector and have been helping farmers and growers for over 22 years.

AgriSea’s biostimulant technology and advanced fermentation system is unique in the world and utilises the brown kelp Ecklonia radiata which is native to New Zealand.

AgriSea has a range of high value nutrition products for the primary sectors including soil, plant, animal and bee nutrition. AgriSea products are widely used in the agriculture, (dairy & drystock), viticulture, horticulture, and apiculture markets in NZ and to a growing export clientele. With a clear, long term R&D strategy in place, which includes the whole supply chain, novel macro algae species and human nutrition.

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Our staff are experienced and passionate about helping customers find natural and environmentally friendly solutions for their farming and growing needs. Meet the team who is making a difference.

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AgriSea products are produced to fit your preferred farm or orchard nutrition system.

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