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Biological farming nutrition solutions from AgriSea provide Dairy farmers with a complete nutrition solution that is better for the farm, animals, the environment and business profitability.

Since the 1990’s AgriSea has been at the leading edge of farm nutrition solutions. Seaweed, specifically New Zealand’s native Ecklonia radiata, is packed full of minerals, vitamins, growth promotants, trace elements and amino acids. It’s a nutrient ‘feast’, a smorgasbord for soil biology, plant and animal health.

From an environmental perspective AgriSea’s products are all batch-brewed and made from certified sustainably sourced seaweed. Our proprietary brewing method preserves the ‘life’ in the seaweed meaning the nutrients and the benefits are retained.

Our products work with the environment. Preserving and enhancing soil conditions, growing more nutritious and energy rich grass giving you healthier cows and ultimately, more milk at a lower cost.

Nourish your garden with our

Home gardener range

AgriSea caters to home gardeners and conscious consumers with our Ocean Organics range.


Why AgriSea works?

Incorporating AgriSea’s System of biostimulants into your farm or orchard management system will give you the confidence to grow quality pastures and products and, in turn, quality profits.

How AgriSea Works?

The AgriSea System works with your farm or orchard’s entire ecosystem to improve the outcomes for soil, pasture, plant and animal health.

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AgriSea products are produced to fit your preferred farm or orchard nutrition system.

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