Horticulture/Viticulture & Market Gardens Solutions

Horticulture/Viticulture & Market Gardens Solutions

New Zealand’s primary industries are the backbone of our economy. We produce safe, healthy, high quality food that we export to the world. AgriSea products support and enable growers to make better use of the resources they have available in the soil and the plants they grow.

On any orchard the health of your plants is directly correlated to the end product you take to market. AgriSea 100% Natural Seaweed products are the perfect complement to any orchard or vineyard. Packed full of minerals, vitamins, growth promotants, trace elements and amino acids, AgriSea Soil and Foliar Nutrition products are a nutrient ‘feast’, a smorgasbord for soil biology, plant growth and health.

Healthier plants begin in the soil and healthy soil is the bedrock of any orchard. AgriSea Soil Nutrition is a bio stimulant product that provides your soil life with the nutrients they need to enable them to work the way they should, unlocking nutrients in the soil and helping to make them plant available.

AgriSea’s Foliar Nutrition is a product that, when applied directly to the leaf of your plants, provides an immediate nutrient boost. Foliar application has been shown to be 95% efficient meaning the plant uses 95% of what is applied. This nutrient boost enables the plant to grow and ripen fruit better, boosting growth and overall yield.

Enhancing plant growth, improving nutrient uptake, and promoting overall health


SeaPhos was developed for ease of application being well granulated
with 5%P 4%S 30%Ca and Sea Minerals.

Proven benefits:
– Cost effective Way to lift Soil pH
– Increased stress resistance

AgriSea Range Of BioStimulant Nutrition Products For The Horticulture Market

Whatever your nutrition system AgriSea Soil and Foliar Nutrition work to enhance your soil and plants enabling you to reduce your fertiliser requirements, saving you money, and benefiting the environment.

Soil Health

Your soil is a teeming eco-system of invisible micro-organisms that feed off the nutrients in your soil. AgriSea Soil Health provides nutrients, vitamins and minerals to this eco-system leading to rich, dark, friable soil increasing soil-life, and worms, creating more nutrient dense pasture that is healthier for your herd.

Pasture Health

AgriSea Pasture Health is a complex array of naturally occuring elements, vitamins and minerals that, when sprayed directly onto pasture provide an immediate nutrient boost. This results in darker, richer pasture that your animals will love, increasing production.

Ocean Nutrition

AgriSea Ocean Nutrition is your 100% natural, certified input for organic source of Nitrogen Potassium and Phosphorus. On application to your pasture, Ocean Nutrition is rapidly incorporated by soil biology into the soil organic pool meaning there is no loss into the enviroment


Why AgriSea works?

Incorporating AgriSea’s System of biostimulants into your farm or orchard management system will give you the confidence to grow quality pastures and products and, in turn, quality profits.

How AgriSea Works?

The AgriSea System works with your farm or orchard’s entire ecosystem to improve the outcomes for soil, pasture, plant and animal health.

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AgriSea products are produced to fit your preferred farm or orchard nutrition system.

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