The Agrisea Team helps you throughout the entire process. From planning and the transitioning phase through to regeneration, we work to provide consultants, farmers and growers with a complete biological and sustainable system for their farm or orchard for healthy animals, plants and to increase profits.


Farm/Orchard Transitioning

Testing and Analysis Nutrient Budgeting with AgriSea Whether you are transitioning from high analysis fertilisers, or wanting to reduce the amount you use, Agrisea can provide the help and information you need.

Farm/Orchard Regeneration

Regeneration starts with right ingredients. AgriSea Biostimulants are the perfect nutrition product to bring your natural capital back to life, allowing you to begin the regeneration process.

Testing and Analysis

Understanding your soil and foliar needs on the farm or orchard is critical to your productivity. AgriSea Area Field Consultants are all trained to help you.

Seasonal Information

At different times of the year your plants need different nutrients to ensure they maximise their growth. AgriSea has seasonal information available to help you.

Nutrient Budgeting with AgriSea

How do AgriSea products work with your current system for Nutrient budgeting? Our team can help you prepare your budget.

The AgriSea System

The AgriSea System of products has been developed to provide farmers with a complete biological and sustainable system for their farm.


  • AgriSea Animal+ 20kg Bag

    AgriSea Animal +

  • AgriSea Combo+ 20kg

    AgriSea Combo +

  • AgriSea Seaweed Pellets

  • AgriSea Soil +

  • Animal Nutrition

  • Bee Nutrition

  • Foliar Nutrition

  • Fortress+ Dairy

  • Pasture Nutrition

  • Seaweed Salt Blocks

  • Soil Nutrition


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