Brewing quality products since 1996 AgriSea NZ Ltd is a multi-award winning sustainable New Zealand company, family owned and operated. The company produces Seaweed Soil, Foliar, Turf, Pasture and Animal Health concentrates for Agriculture and Horticulture.

The New Zealand native seaweed species (ecklonia radiata) is batch-brewed with specially selected essential herbs for up to 90 days. The natural brewing process eliminates the use of processing with heat, chemicals, freezing or dehydration that might ‘denature’ the sensitive nutrient balance, allowing the natural growth stimulants and micro-nutrients to be released in an active form to enhance soil and plant health. AgriSea’s natural brewing methods are unique for commercial production.

AgriSea (formerly Ocean Organics) had a three year research programme commissioned to test the efficacy of their NZ native seaweed products for kiwifruit. Strong trends emerged showing less cane blowouts, reduction in pitting following cool storage, improved fruit firmness, significantly higher brix levels….
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Yield increases of up to 1000 trays/ha have been reported using the programme above by season two/three. Benefits equally apparent in organic and conventional orchards.


Soil Nutrition
5L per hec (1:100) Autumn and Spring

Foliar Nutrition
1st application –
7 to 10 days prior to flowering (this will aid flower and pollen development).
2nd application –
Mid blossom or immediately post blossom.
3rd application –
14 days post blossom or in conjunction with leaf roller spray.
4th application – (optional)
After harvest to replace nutrient deficiency along with bud burst and pollination of the following season.

Seaweed & Orchard Crops

An experienced New Zealand orchardist reports: “Heritage Farm has been applying AgriSea Soil and Foliar concentrates for four seasons now and every year we see more benefits and less problems. We use both the Soil and Foliar brews on kiwifruit, plums and asparagus. The benefits, improved taste and storage, better flesh  firmness and higher brix, have become more apparent every year and we will continue to use these products as part of our management practices”.
Richard Prew, Heritage Farm, Cambridge, NZ.