Nutrient Budgeting with AgriSea

Nutrient budgeting is critical to the success of your Farm or Orchard. Let AgriSea help you.


Knowing the benefits and impact of your nutrient applications is critical to the success of your business.

Nutrient loss from farming and horticultural practices do affect: 
  • Soil and water quality
  • Social perception of land management
  • Land owner’s financial efficiency with wasted inputs


The Overseer® Nutrient Budget was designed to show how management practices contribute to nutrient loss. The modelling of nutrient movement through the environment does have many limitations; but it still shows why nutrients are at risk to being removed from a farming or horticultural system.

An Overseer Nutrient Budget can be used stand alone or as part of a farm environment plan for compliance/consenting applications, or to sell quality products with environmental trace back.

AgriSea have staff qualified to work with you in the use of the Overseer® Nutrient Budget model. Products from AgriSea have a major impact on budgeting results with farming and horticultural systems.

Sustainable nutrient management is what we do to help future proof your system.

Above: OverseerFM is a useful tool for farmers and growers and the team at AgriSea can help you with planning your nutrient programme.

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