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AgriSea products are the GOLD STANDARD in biostimulants and seaweed products – WHY??

In a crowded market place it is important to know the difference between the various offerings available out there. AgriSea products are the GOLD standard in biostimulants and below are some of the reasons why:

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  • Hand picked NZ seaweed – ONLY seaweed producers in NZ to be \”certified sustainable\”
  • Seaweed Concentrate – NOT an extract or \”seaweed based\” apply at 5h/na
  • Major investor in NZ farming and research
  • Backed by NZ farmers for 23 years
  • Proprietary fermentation techniques and herbal catalyst recipe is a closely guarded family secret
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and bioactive compounds that are cared for from beach to barrel – NEVER kiln dried or powdered
  • Triple filtered for ease of application, no clogging

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  • All Natural – no dyes, thickeners or additives
  • Certified organic – audited annually
  • Bee friendly and environmentally safe
  • USA fertiliser research shows the \”best seaweed products in the market in the USA\” had to be used at 10-TIMES the rate of our products to get the same effects!
  • 100% NZ family owned and operated with family and rural community values
  • It does what we say it does and we stand behind our products – so does the science

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Don\’t be fooled by ineffective imitations. AgriSea\’s products are proven throughout New Zealand by our farmers.


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