During mating season, the need to ensure mineralisation of cows and ewes is especially important as the consequences of poor mating are felt long into the next season and beyond, (with losses in production and genetic potential).

It is critical, along with adequate nutrition, for the key trace elements essential to improved conception rates to be available. It is equally important that these minerals are in a form that can be readily absorbed and assimilated by the animal without the fear of toxicity or free radical denaturation.

AgriSea Animal Health Tonic has all the trace elements needed for the animal in a chelated natural form that will ensure the best possible uptake and utilisation and improve three and six week conception rates.

Recommended dose rates for cows leading into mating season is 10ml per cow/per day, as a minimum. This should be continued through until the end of mating at the very least.

For ewes, a 20ml dose of Animal Health Tonic is recommended at tailing/docking time to improve milk supply and as a recovery from lambing. A 5ml dose for lambs is also recommended to improve growth rates, immune levels and resistance to worm burden. Further 5-10ml doses can be given to lambs whenever they are in the yards for attention.


Spring has arrived and the grass has finally started to grow, and now’s the time we start to worry about the effects of spring grass. Managing your horses’ weight during spring can be a difficult thing. Ensuring they get the required amount of minerals and trace elements during this period without having to feed a large quantity of hard feed, can often be tough. An easy solution is to add either AgriSea Animal Health Tonic or Animal Plus to a much smaller feed or even as an addition to their water supply, giving them their daily supply of minerals and trace elements without over-feeding.