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AgriSea Foliar Nutrition provides a natural balance of nutrients in a form your vines/ crops can readily absorb and convert maximising quality, palatability and yield.

Foliar spraying with seaweed supplies nutrients to the plant via the leaves, a method which has been shown to be 95% efficient – when applied under ideal conditions, nutrients have been translocated into the plant within one hour. The success of AgriSea’s Foliar Nutrition is due to the presentation of a balanced package of micro-nutrients to the plant in proportions that are conducive to absorption.

Seaweed is a growth enhancer that provides the natural plant hormones – auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins. These plant hormones are growth stimulants that are an important aid to larger fruit size through cell division and cell expansion increased root growth which in turn accelerates nutrient and water uptake. These hormones are carefully protected during AgriSea’s unique hand manufacturing system that does not use heat,chemicals, freezing, drying or other processes that will denature the sensitive balance of micronutrients that are so important to the plant.


Benefits of the AgriSea Foliar Nutrition range include: 
  • Moderate levels of boron to enhance pollen viability
  • Valuable fruit sizing mechanism via natural plant growth hormones
  • Greener, healthier vines/ crops due to increased chlorophyll levels
  • Significant lift in the fibre, protein and overall nutritional value of your vines/ crops
  • Increased DM yields
  • Increased brix (natural sugars) levels
  • Increased natural nitrogen fixation
  • Increased palatability & larger storage capacity
  • Crops more vigorous and durable in times of stress
  • Increased resistance to disease and pests
  • No chemical additives; no residues; no withholding
  • Ease of Use
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Spray or Spread – Boom, Rose, Jet, Chopper
  • Compatible for use with other products
  • Fine filtration ensures no clogged lines or spray nozzles

Dose Rates
  • 5 litres per hectare


Application Timing
  • 3 – 4 times over the season

Please Note: These rates are intended as a guide only. Application frequencies will be largely dependent on your current system, your specific needs and goals. Best applied during periods of active growth.


20Ltrs, 100Ltrs, 200Ltrs, 1000Ltrs

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