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A \’lazy way of farming\’ is how Mohi Beckham describes the changes he and his team have made on Scylla Farm. But farming is never lazy. And Mohi just needed to make changes for his mental health. 

A big part of our dedicated research is how farmers\’ own mental wellbeing relates to healthy soils. Can we feel better when we try something different?

This Bay of Plenty farmer believes farmers feel increasingly isolated, not connecting with communities as they once did.

“They may send their kids away for private boarding schools, losing another chance to connect locally. It doesn’t so much happen here, but I noticed that when I worked in rural communities that are dominant with farmers and growers.”

To combat isolation, he set up a gym in his barn, welcoming the community to use it.

Mohi has developed a guiding principle rooted in his whānau’s ancestry, that the environment, people and animals must be considered equally. Read more.

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