The industry is seeing increasing pressure to reduce Nitrogen inputs, and see how AgriSea can help.

How to reduce Nitrogen

How AgriSea can help you on your journey to reducing Nitrogen inputs.

The industry is seeing increasing pressure to reduce Nitrogen inputs. Increasing consumer awareness and knowledge of what we’re eating and the environmental impact of how it has been produced, means farmers/ growers are more and more mindful of what is being applied and the impact it has.

The question is, how can Nitrogen inputs be reduced without necessarily having a large drop in production?

Microbial life in your soil can fix a significant amount of Nitrogen. Looking after your microbial populations in the soil will enable your plants to fix more Nitrogen. By looking after the soil microbiology you can not only save money on Nitrogen as it is being captured from the atmosphere for you, but you will also meet increasing regulatory requirements to apply less Nitrogen fertilisers.

Traditional NPKS fertilisers are often delivered in an acidic form or a form that delivers a pH spike in the soil, unsettling soil pH stability and hence the soil microbiological environment.

AgriSea Pasture/ Foliar Nutrition

…increases photosynthesis in plants and therefore, root exudates from the plants, are increased. These root exudates are carbohydrates and feed the soil microbiology, feeding into the fungal energy network.

AgriSea Soil Nutrition

…feeds the soil microbiology directly. AgriSea Soil Nutrition feeds the microbial life in the soil giving it the range of nutrients required for your microbial life to thrive.

If you have been using a lot of Nitrogen fertiliser for a long time the plant’s ecosystem will be used to this and unable to obtain Nitrogen from the atmosphere. Instead of using the soil microbiology to fix the Nitrogen it has been taking it up directly from the applied, water soluble, nitrogen. This has meant the plants have not been keeping the nitrogen fixing soil biology alive and it will take a while to get the biology working again.

Due to this it is recommended that you make gradual reductions in your Nitrogen applications as it can take several years for the Nitrogen fixing bacteria to really start working well again.

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