Brewing quality products since 1996 AgriSea NZ Ltd is a multi-award winning sustainable New Zealand company, family owned and operated. The company produces Seaweed Soil, Foliar, Turf, Pasture and Animal Health concentrates for Agriculture and Horticulture.

The New Zealand native seaweed species (ecklonia radiata) is batch-brewed with specially selected essential herbs for up to 90 days. The natural brewing process eliminates the use of processing with heat, chemicals, freezing or dehydration that might ‘denature’ the sensitive nutrient balance, allowing the natural growth stimulants and micro-nutrients to be released in an active form to enhance soil and plant health. AgriSea’s natural brewing methods are unique for commercial production.

Seaweed is a complex material containing a vast range of minerals, trace elements, mannitols, alginates, amino acids and naturally occurring plant growth hormones that provides a nutrient ‘feast’ for avocados.

AgriSea Soil Nutrition will feed & increase the soil microbial population, helping to build the precious humus layer – the nutrient storehouse of the soil

AgriSea Foliar Nutrition will provide valuable nutrients to the plant in proportions that are conducive to absorption. NB: Timing of applications is important to ensure best results.

  1. To get good absorption leaf surfaces should be relatively free of wax – therefore applications of AgriSea Foliar Nutrition is likely to be more efficient when the leaf is young and soft – i.e. spring time. If leaf is waxy Agrisea Foliar Nutrition can be used in conjunction with a wetting agent to help with absorption.
  2. Seaweed products have good boron levels, therefore pollen viability is likely to be maximized if Foliar nutrient is applied during early flowering.
  3. A second application of AgriSea Foliar Nutrition should be made at fruitlet stage where the cytokynins (natural plant growth hormones) will increase cell division and thereby produce larger fruit.


No chemicals = no residues
No withholding periods
All AgriSea products are Bio-gro certified (organic)
AgriSea products are produced by a 100% New Zealand Company


Apply AgriSea Foliar Nutrition to trees @ 5L per ha in early spring and every 4 weeks after that either in conjunction with other sprays or on its own.

Apply 2 applications, 4 weeks apart of AgriSea Soil Nutrition around root zone @ 5L per ha in Spring and Autumn.