Whether it is Horses, Alpacas, Goats, Pigs or your lifestyle block, AgriSea can help you.


AgriSea products feed the soils natural biology resulting in nutrient rich soil and pasture.

The agricultural sector has long focused on soil chemistry (NPK) to grow more pasture. And whilst this has worked it has been at the expense of the natural biology in the soil. Healthy soil is made up of thriving populations of millions of living organisms that all work together to make the nutrients in the soil available to plants in order for them to grow.

AgriSea’s products focus on feeding the millions of soil microorganisms with a nutrition source that allows them to thrive. This results in the soil coming back to life, richer, darker soil with more worms, and plants that are healthier, more drought resistant, and more nutritious for your animals.


AgriSea Animal Health products will benefit all animals providing clear eyes, shiny coats, healthy hooves/feet, improved disposition and healthy weight gain.

AgriSea Sheep

There is nothing better than knowing your animals are healthy. Ensuring your animals are healthy results in them being happy and content. AgriSea Animal Nutrition is a proven nutritional supplement that provides them with clear eyes, shiny coats, healthy hooves or feet, an improved disposition and promotes healthy weight gain.

Seaweed is one of the most complex materials known to man and our New Zealand native seaweed, Ecklonia radiata, has a vast range of minerals, trace elements and naturally occurring antibodies that are vital for animal health including zinc, iodine, cobalt, copper and sodium.

This naturally brewed nutritional supplement will aid recovery during periods of stress and prevent health problems related to nutritional deficiency.


AgriSea Animal Health products provides your herd with an immediate vitamin, mineral and nutrient boost reducing cases of mastitis, lowering empty rates and increasing production.


AgriSea Pasture Health is a complex array of naturally occurring elements, vitamins and minerals that, when sprayed directly onto pasture provide an immediate nutrient boost. This results in darker, richer pasture that your animals will love, increasing production.


Your soil is a teeming eco-system of invisible micro-organisms that feed off the nutrients in your soil. AgriSea Soil Health provides nutrients, vitamins and minerals to this eco-system leading to rich, dark, friable soil increasing soil-life, and worms, creating more nutrient dense pasture that is healthier for your herd.

AgriSea Ocean Nutrition


AgriSea Ocean Nutrition is your 100% natural, certified input for organic source of Nitrogen Potassium and Phosphorus. On application to your pasture, Ocean Nutrition is rapidly incorporated by soil biology into the soil organic pool meaning there is no loss into the enviroment


AgriSea Bee Nutrition has been developed for beekeepers to easily administer to hives as a liquid which they can mix in with their regular feed regime.


AgriSea Equine Nutrition is a multifunctional package of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements that are immediately available to your horse.


Providing your livestock with a quality source of essential elements, vitamins, minerals and amino acids is one of the best things you can do for their overall health and well-being. The AgriSea Natural Seaweed Salt Block delivers all this goodness to your stock as well as neutralising toxins to boost overall animal health. The Seaweed Salt Block contains a unique blend of Ecklonia radiata seaweed and our specially batch brewed Animal Health Tonic in the form of Animal+. Together this blend of natural products provides livestock with a valuable source of nutrition.


Seaweed Pellets contains all major and minor nutrients, trace minerals, alginic acid, vitamins and natural sugars in a readily available form. The rich content of seaweed makes the product very palatable to stock. This can be used as a standalone feed or mixed in with other supplements.


Ocean Organics is a NZ family owned and operated business that has been producing Certified organic products for urban gardens since 1996 and a natural health care range. Our philosophy is to produce 100% earth friendly products for the health of soil, plants & people.

AgriSea products are naturally chelated & immediately bio-available. Most animal health problems are a direct result of nutritional deficiency.

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