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AgriSea Ocean Nutrition is your 100% natural, certified input for organic source of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus.

N, P and K are essential nutrients used by farmers to improve pasture growth. High analysis sources of N, P and K, whilst boosting growth, are prone to losing much of the nutrition applied into the environment through runoff, leaching and volatilisation.

In AgriSea Ocean Nutrition, N, P and K are in their natural form and found within proteins which have been hydrolysed. These hydrolysed proteins, when applied to pasture, are utilised by the soil biology as a source of nutrients stimulating the soil ecosystem and releasing the N, P and K in a natural, plant available form boosting growth.


Fish hydrolysate has long been known for its growth promoting properties.
Give your pasture the N, P and K boost it needs. Naturally.

On application to your pasture, Ocean Nutrition is rapidly incorporated by soil biology into the soil organic pool meaning there is no loss into the environment. Along with AgriSea Biostimulants, Ocean Nutrition encourages release of essential nutrients locked up in the soil. This makes trace elements readily available for uptake by your plants resulting in improved pasture growth.

By utilising AgriSea Ocean Nutrition alongside AgriSea’s Biostimulant range, farmers can utilise a range of natural healthy products to grow greater quantities of high-quality pasture. This results in greater profitably being achieved, in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.


Benefits of the AgriSea Ocean Nutrition range include: 
  • Helps balance fungi and bacteria in soil to increase soil aerobic respiration
  • Assists plant nutrient uptake, including increasing root length and mass
  • Improved soil structure (aeration, drainage, can withstand traffic)
  • Deeper humus layer (nutrient storehouse of your soil)
  • Significant increase in earthworm activity
  • More natural nitrogen fixation (reduced need for synthetic fertilisers)
  • Stimulates clover and plant growth
  • Improves plant and animal health
  • Increased crop yield and pasture quality
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • No chemical additives, no residues
  • No withholding period
  • Compatible for use with other products
  • Fine filtration ensures no clogged lines or spray nozzles

Dose Rates
  • 5 litres per hectare


Application Timing
  • Early Autumn
  • Late Autumn / Early Winter
  • Early Spring
  • Late Spring


Please Note: These rates are intended as a guide only. Application frequencies will be largely dependent on your current farming system, your specific farm needs and goals. Best applied during periods of active growth.


Ocean Nutrition is produced from a Sustainable Fishing Resource, harvested according to the New Zealand Quota Management System.

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