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AgriSea Soil + is a combination of AgriSea liquid Soil Nutrition and Zeolite.

When you’ve got healthy soil, you’ve got an essential and strong foundation for healthy plants and healthy animals. And that’s the perfect equation for a productive and profitable farm. The good news is that you can improve the structure and fertility of your soil and get it into a condition which provides optimum uptake of minerals and nutrients. The key to unlocking the goodness in your soil is adding a soil biostimulant and conditioner – enter AgriSea Soil +, a product designed to do exactly that.

AgriSea Soil + helps to unlock the minerals and nutrients in the soil and make them bio-available and ready to be absorbed by the root of the plant. It also helps increase the biological activity in your soil improving the quality, fertility and soil structure. AgriSea Soil + is designed to compliment any farming nutrient management programme.


What is the role of ZEOLITE?

Zeolite is used in Soil + as a high-quality carrier for our AgriSea liquid seaweed concentrates as it enables a slow and sustained release of nutrients due to it’s ability to hold nutrients in the root zone for plants to use when required. Plant driven nutrient release is desirable as it sets up a natural cycle for nutrient uptake. This leads to increase efficiency of fertilisers and conditioners as the zeolite recharges or reabsorbs once its initial nutrients have been released. Unlike other soil amendments it does not break down, remaining in the soil to help improve nutrient and water retention.


Benefits of AgriSea Soil + include:
  • Increased soil biological activity
  • Increased root length and mass
  • Increased soil quality and fertility
  • Improved soil structure (aeration, drainage, can withstand traffic)
  • Deeper humus layer (nutrient storehouse of your soil)
  • Locked minerals and nutrients in the soil become bio-available
  • More natural nitrogen fixation (reduced need for synthetic fertilisers)
  • Less pulling
  • Increased germination rates for cropping and re-grassing
  • Increased crop yield and pasture quality
  • Farm holds longer and recovers quicker in drought
  • Ease of use
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Compatible for use with other products
  • No withholding period


Dose Rates
  • 20kg per hectare


Application Timing
  • Early Autumn
  • Late Autumn / early Winter
  • Early Spring
  • Late Spring

Please Note:

  • Optimum application times are early morning
  • Air temp must be no lower than 10°C or apply in late evening
  • Soil temp must be no lower than 6°C.

20Kg Bag, 1/2 Tonne Bulk

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AgriSea Soil +
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