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AgriSea Animal + is a combination of AgriSea liquid Animal Nutrition and Zeolite.

Poor animal performance and health problems are usually a direct result of nutritional imbalances in the animals’ diet that compromise one or many of the systems above.  That’s why it is so important be aware that your animals are getting all the bio- available nutrients, minerals vitamins and trace elements in a form that can be fully digested for a real effect.


What is the role of ZEOLITE?

Zeolite is used in Animal + as a high quality nutrient carrier that’s easy to apply to support animal health and nutrition. The resulting combined product (Animal +) is a product which is suitable for:

  • Young stock on run off blocks
  • In-shed feeding
  • Adding to calf meal
  • Spreading over supplementary feed
  • Adding to loose salt


Benefits of the AgriSea Animal Nutrition range include:
  • Improved reproductive performance
  • Improved metabolic processes
  • Increased rumen microbiology
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Greater resilience during times of stress
  • Improved resilience to worm burden
  • Increased weight gains
  • Improved immune system
  • Reduced animal health cost
  • Optimised and improved overall livestock health
  • Ease of administration
  • No sweeteners needed – stock love it!
  • No withholding period

3kg Animal + Bucket, Single 20Kg bags

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AgriSea Animal +
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