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AgriSea Combo +


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AgriSea Combo + is a combination of AgriSea liquid Soil and Pasture Nutrition as well as Zeolite.

Plant driven nutrient release is desirable as it sets up a natural cycle for nutrient uptake. This leads to increase efficiency of fertilisers as the Zeolite recharges or reabsorbs once its initial nutrients have been released. Unlike other soil enhances it does not break down, remaining in the soil to help improve nutrient and water retention.


What is the role of ZEOLITE?

Zeolite is used in Combo + as a high-quality carrier for our AgriSea liquid seaweed concentrates as it enables a slow and sustained release of nutrients due to it’s ability to hold nutrients in the root zone for plants to use when required.


Benefits of AgriSea Combo + include:
  • Greener, healthier pasture and crops due to increased chlorophyll levels
  • Significant lift in the fibre, protein and overall nutritional value of your pasture
  • Increased DM yields
  • Increased brix (natural sugar) levels in pasture
  • Increased natural nitrogen fixation
  • Increased palatability in pasture and stored feed
  • Pasture more vigorous and durable in times of stress
  • Increased pasture resistance to disease and pests
  • Increased ME (Metabolisable energy)
  • Healthy stock due to high nutritional value of grass
  • Nutritional lift for animals in periods of low light – spray ahead of stock in winter
  • No chemical additives; no residues; no withholding
  • Ease of use
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Compatible for use with other products

Dose Rates
  • 30kg per hectare


Application Timing
  • Early Spring
  • Early Autumn
  • Winter use strategically for pasture recovery and pasture feed quality


Please Note: These rates are intended as a guide only. Application frequencies will be largely dependent on your current farming system, your specific farm needs and goals. Best applied during periods of active growth.


20Kg Bag, 500Kg Bulk Bag

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AgriSea Combo +
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